Friday, December 21, 2007

Being crafty: Whip Up

All those crafty people. It seems like they have 24 hours a day just to make and look at beautiful things. Here's one that show us other crafty things she finds online (besides making some herself): Whip Up contains so much beauty, I could spend hours just by following the great crafty links it provides. Cool calendars, hats, name it. Absolutely best.

Tasty blog: For the Love of baking

Here's a blog for people with good sized kitchen, and a well equipped one, as well. Baking is something I never do, but always wished I would. The smells, the ingredients, the results! Well, I normally just go to the patisserie, but here's a very good blog for your eyes and stomachs.

Life is soft: Neither Hip Nor Funky

Remember I told you about 42 Roards? Yes, that family/craft blog I loved so much, and which made me want to buy a sewing machine. Well, my excitement is again over the edge, after I found this great soft blog: neither hip nor funky is a wool blog, so sweet you want to be a kitten. Great articles, great pictures, and very cute hats!!! I think it's the best knitting blog I've seen on the crafty blogosphere so far. I love it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Through the eyes of a foreigner: Shin Huey @ Finland

Shin is a 21 years asian, and she's now in Finland. I haven't figured out where is she from in Asia or what is she doing in Finland, cos her blog is written in one of those beautiful Asian languages, which I keep telling myself to learn. When I was a foreigner, once in Berlin and after that in England, I enjoyed the state of a foreigner. Being different, looking different, seeing different. It's liberating in many ways. I love Shin's blog because it reminds me of my own experiences.

My life as a black&white dog: Två mattar och en jävla massa prickar

I can't read a word this swedish dog writes, but I love looking at the pictures and get the feeling of being him. Running wild in Sweden, with friends and family. Lena, his human mother, posts nice pictures of him and he seems usually cheerful. Cool, I love animal blogs!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It may hurt: design sponge

Nothing to say, really. Just go to this great design blog and enjoy the delivery of cool and hot designs. I love this blog, for me it's one of those inspiration blogs. Design diary kinda blog.

art, family and furnitures: forty two roads

Here's another blog that combines many corners of life to one vibrant beat. A little girl, some art, how to make them all work out in the flat, life, more life, some beyond, some below. I loved this blog, the pictures are nice to look at, the flat looks better than mine so it's always some sort of inspiration. The crafty objects are cute and beautiful. Another best blog, full of life, or whatever that is.

check what your gens can produce: dna

It arrived, that moment I feared from my entire life (or at least, the last 10 years). I sit with mom on the sofa and she asks me when will I bring her a baby. Babies are cute, I tell her, but I like animals much more. If only I could give birth to a furry cute puppy, or a bunny, I would do that. For sure. but babies. Well, at first they don't have hair and they don't talk. And then they might have too much hair and they won't shut up.

So I keep my boyfriend out of this issue, and in the meantime I surf the blogosphere. But sometimes babies hunt me here as well. And they bring better arguments than my mom. After seeing the pictures on the dna blog, I even showed them to my bf and he said: so cute!

So, what thousands of screaming kids in the real world cannot do, few pictures of adorable baby can. This girl is so cute. Her parents also look really ok. What a nice family, what a fun blog!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

For film students or young filmmakers: Filmmaker Utopia

I always loved to go to the cinema. At times I thought I could become one of those hard working filmmakers, who has a vision and sweat until they create what they saw in their mind for so long.

It's very hard, to become a filmmaker, and even harder to stay one, or to become successful in what you do. It's fascinating to read the >diary of a young filmmaker, who is actually a struggling film student, as he/she tries to make it to the top, into the film business, or at least to graduation.

Filmmaker Utopia is the best blog I've found so far that combines both artistic thoughts about films and the diary style ramblings. It also features great links, and if it would update more often - I would feel it realy is a utopia!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beyond virtual: A Daily dose of Architecture

This wonderful blog features architecture-inspired musings from the greatest location, NYC. The pictures it brings and the text are wonderful. The design is light and easy. This is one of the nicest architecture blogs I've seen, also one of the best NYC blogs. I love it!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

You must have something to say: Howl @ The Moon

I found this terrific blog, Howl at The Moon. It brings on many different fragments of life, really like a time capsule. What happens to a female jogger's breast if she don't uses a sport bra? For how many days can a worker stay (dead) at his desk before someone notices?
Go have a look, Howl at The Moon is a brilliant blog!

Friday, October 5, 2007

More babes than you can handle: Erotic Girls Blog

This erotic blog features the hottest, sexiest nude girl galleries and movies.
Erotic Girls Blog - where nude erotic girls come to play

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Not just another sex blog: PonyXpress

It's great to find sexy blogs that don't make you feel stupid. Blogs that really love sex, and know how to handle it. PonyXpress (what a fantastic title) features interesting sexy images, some fashion some sex and some just art or whatever. It's a perfect blog for roll-down addicts. No clicks needed. Excellent blog!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A blog in disguise: Bearskinrug

Art is necessary. Bearskinrug presents interesting blog design, that looks like a comics magazine, or something. I didn't read one word on this blog, but spent a long time investigating his design. It seems like the blog keeps changing in front of your eyes, like it's alive. With so many creatures around, this might be a very unique experience...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A blog out of the water: Swimming Pools

You should always blog about something you love, that's an important rule to keep. Just to save readers the disappoitment of a dead blog. Swimming Pools is all about those great small heavens, where man and woman feel like fish. Pictures of swimming pools from all around the world, and that's it. So simple, so passionate, so summer! Best blog, wet blog!

Monday, September 10, 2007

A very cool blog: Iceland Eyes

If there is a place I really must visit it's Iceland. The temperatures, the flat landscapes, the smoky volcanoes - not to mention the people that must be very unique. Iceland eyes is a blog from Reykjavik, that is not updated very often (and that's a shame), but gives us a real feeling of the place - the small everyday life of the happy Icelandic people. Best blog for the hot days, just imagine it's a huge geyser you're sitting in, not your sweat.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Getting literal: Chekhov's Mistress

As a kid I used to love reading books. Also later, there's something in books that you cannot experience any other way. The imagination, the paper, the print, the smell. I'm always sorry to find out how little patience this world has those days, and how it's getting harder just to find the piece of mind and read. No emails, no sms, just sit and read.

Instead of feeling guilty I went on a search for some good literature-related blogs, and found a few. Chekhov's Mistress has a great title, so it took me very fast. Also the issues discussed there and the print-like design got me. It's the best blog for me, with subjects such as: "writing in computer isolation". Welcome to my life.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A blog full of candies: Flex, ActionScript and Related Stuff

Another nature loving Flex programmer. I found this blog specially good because of the many download links it has, for relevant documentation.

A blog full of candies

A blogger hooked on Flex: Flash Enabled

I guess Flex programmers suffer from a lack of nature, otherwisei cannot explain why they put landscapes as their blog's theme image. or perhaps they lost faith in design and nature is their escape? One way or the other, here's another A-class blog for Flex programming. Many examples for some common tasks in Flash/Flex. As a beginner I found Flash Enabled to be easy to read and (I hope) helpful.

Another great blog for the Adobe user: Rich Internet Application Mountaineer

Ryan Stewart works for Adobe and his blog delivers interesting news from inside the industry. News, conferences, some echnical issues, presented in light design. Helpful, and interesting If you want to have a broader knowledge of this industry, focusing on Adobe products.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Pixel Sweat: BK Flex

As I'm fighting the long summer vacation, I've decided to do something I always wanted to do: Become a Flash programmer. This of course will not happen over night, but the rich varaiety of web sources is for sure a good place to start.

BK Flex gave me some interesting places to visit and get inspired before I sit and write my own internet application. This blog doesn't udate very often, but for every post you read you can find yourself surfing for days. Short posts with great links. This is how we love our blogs!

A Kid at Heart: Jonah

Jonah (on the right) is a sweet boy who lives the good life. He hangs around with his dad, meet friends and play a lot. His blog (written by dad) is happy and light. Many pictures, short impressions. Nothing's too heavy, Jonah is a free little man, and to those who are tired from adults troubles, Jonah's blog is a great relief.

We will be back shortly: The Adblog

Usually I hate commercials. i used to work in that industry and couldn't stand it even from the inside. but sometimes they can be interesting, brilliant even, and especially when you are searching for them and not when they are after you.

The Adblog delivers us only the cherries, those rare art works that are less common (also depends on you area of living). Rare ads, best blog. Definitely an A Class Blog!

A best travel blog: M in Greece Now!

I remember watching films about army life. The women that followed the men-fighters used to have terrible, lonely life in those army camps. I'm not so sure what's left from this horrible tradition. Reading this Travel in Greece blog of M, I start to feel sorry my boyfriend is not a soldier. His army service took them both to Greece, where the houses are white, the sea is blue, the olives are green, and the donkies are always happy. Where should I sign up?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Nothing at all: Kevin Griffiths

Just saw this blog, fell in love, and decided to share it with you. Kev (it's allright if I call you kev?) gives us such a cool blog, just full of the life of an old teenager (a Brittish guy that is). Friends, skating, travelling, partying, friends. I'd like to find the female parallel to Kevin Griffiths, that should be a real nostalgie. Best life, best blog!

Pokermania: Ace Filled Dreams

Two days ago I played poker at a friend's house. Few months ago I used to do it once a week, but then I took a break (after losing constantly). I was very happy to be back in the game, and I even won (and it wasn't because I had the aces, I even won with 2;4 once).

Anyway, as a part of my poker come back, I also look for some poker blogs. Of course there are tons of those, most intended to make money by send the addicts to the wrong places. Ace Filled Dreams is different. It's a quiet poker blog, gentle, still remembers the life that exist before and after the game. It's a personal poker blog, which I find to be worth the A Class Blog link here.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

We cook: Salt and Pepper

They eat roses too. I love those people who can cook. And I adore those who can cook, take pictures, and blog it. Salt and Pepper is a pleasure to look at, read, and perhaps one day I'll even have the patience to try and make one of its wonderful recipes.

Art inside: Pilipinas Street Plan

Art comes in many formes, and many times the best galleries are out on the s treets. Right under our nose, if we open our eyes, we can discover many beautiful things. Pilipinas Street Plan is a blog that help us discover some of those hidden candies. It's updated frequently and brings many colorfull arty corners from the street to your screen. Cooooool!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Take your cloths off and jump: Nude Hiking

Sometimes I have the urge to see other naked people. Luckily, there are enough people that have the urge to be seen naked. But the really good thing is, that the internet has made it very easy. Nude hiking is a blog that combines travel and nudity, which are in my eyes a very natural mix. I find it a best blog cos it makes you feel nudity is very simple and easy.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bloggers who do stuff part I: Fossage

I mentioned on my last post my passion for New Zealand. I just saw this nice crafty blog of a New Zealand gal, who makes cute things from wool and also post random pictures from her lives. Living in New Zealand, those outdoor pictures look great. Together with the cute shoes she made, my eyes were very pleased.

The best blog. Fun and feminine!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Best blog of adventures: Dawes family in New Zealand

I always wanted to live in New Zealand. Life seems beautiful and easy there. Until this happens, I can read other people adventures in this great land. The Dawes moved from the UK to NZ and they tell us, and especially show us, how much fun it can be.

A fun family blog, and a best blog!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today I'm drunk: Carol's Bloggie

I'm not kidding, I'm really drunk now. I'm on medication so that makes it even worse. But this best blog is still an A class Blog you must check. Also it has a great list of other interesting blogs. I think I like Carol's Bloggie cos it's so daily, full of a bit of everything. Life is art, and art is forever changing.

But I'm too drunk to explain, just go and see for yourselves.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here's to you: New York Daily Photo

Tomorrow I meet maya, a good friend that currently studies in NYC and came for a home visit. She keeps telling me to come to New York but it still hasn't happened. Untill i collect some extra money for american pleasures, I enjoy spending time on the New York Daily Photo blog, which shows me what I miss.

Maybe it's not so hard to find an interesting pictures in that city, but you can really find all kinds of emotions on this blog. Some pictures are sexy, some are sad, others are meditative. A best blog for the (almost) best city!

Look them in the eyes: Faces of Indonesia

Here's an absolutely surprising blog, unique and fascinating. Faces of Indonesia is a young blog, but I got so excited when I found it, that I had to share right away. As simple as its name, this blog shows only faces from people in Indonesia (and their name). It's hypnotising, it's addictive, and it's original.

Sometimes it's so simple to become an A Class Blog.

Tastes from Italy: il cavoletto di Bruxelles

I studied Italian this year in University, and was supposed to visit Napoli this summer. Exams took time, and eventually I will not see Italy before next year. This blog gives me the chance to have a taste of Italy, try make their food myself (yeah, right!) and improve my Italian.

I hope Italy is as good as this A Class Blog is. One thing: I couldn't find a translation to its title. Any clues?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Look where you live: BLDGBLOG

My mother wanted me to study architecture. I said a big NO and went to the film department. In the mean time I fell in love with architecture, mainly through films about architects. BLDGBLOG is a blog that contains a world inside. So many things to look at, to think of, to grasp...Architecture is not merely how you live, but how you think you live. It reflects what the human being takes himself for.

BLDGBLOG updates almost daily and is so rich, and vast, that it makes you think how far can concrete go. Fascinating images, interesting writings, and neverending links - all make BLDGBLOG an A Class Blog.

Monday, August 20, 2007

While IKEA print their new cataloge: Patricia Gray Interior Design

I just saw on the news that Ikea are printing their new cataloge those days. The reporter went to furniture stores how people felt about it. I felt I need something more inspiring for my head.

Patricia Gray shows on her blog beautiful things. Special furniture, fabrics and other inspirations. Her blog updates frequently and has both eye candies and useful ideas.

In the era of Ikea, that's a definite A Class design and an A Class Blog!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A delicious blog: Morsels & Musings

The picture above belongs (probably) to Anna, the woman behind the Morsels & Musings blog. It's a simple blog with no special graphics or design, but many delicious pictures of food. Anna makes what I would call exotic food, rich in fruits and vegs, and is very tempting.

Even if you can't make this food yourself, at least you can know what to ask for next time you find yourself in Bali, Australia, or your chef-friends' place. An A-Class food, an A-Class blog!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Escape to the next blog: The Private Islands Blog

In the time everybody can tell you scary details about global warming, it's a real ignorance just to think of the next vacation. Especially if it's on an island, in a location that may not even exist some years from now. But then again, that is exactly the reason to go there.

The Private Islands Blog is the pefect summertime blog. If you need a vacation, if you wish to buy an island, or if you simply have too much spare time and you look for nice pictures from islands around the world. This blogger knows its business and he sure knew which business to choose for himself!

Only choose between a house for $5 Million or a vacation for $850 a night. If it's a tough choice for you, you're at the right place!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Empy your pockets, open your hands: Manystuff

Whenever I surf down the Manystuff blog I feel the artistic beast inside of me. I must do something creative, I must have some product. Manystuff really make it look easy, as there are so many beautiful, interesting, new stuff there every day.

A fantastic way to start the day, and definitely an A-Class Blog!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

In China they look better: Beijing Baby!

That's a really cool blog. Melanie show us what she wears, what she loves, and what she really-really loves. There are many photos, the site looks good and is interesting to read. No description can be good enough for Beijing Baby, so just surf there yourself and fall in love. Wish I was a Chinese.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Powder your screens: Diary of a London Cokehead

Here's another superb blog. Whenever I don't party enough I can always read the adventures of someone else and feel almost satisfied. Cokehead is a great blog to read, It's always interesting, and is updated frequently, and that makes it an A Class Blog!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Where the bears never sleep: Stil in Berlin

Sometimes I find myself in the same position for hours. Usually it's in front of the screen. When I decide to get up and stretch my body, I usually also take a short walk outside. The people always look so alive then, and I regret the long hours I must stay indoors and work. I see all those people, the beautiful, lively people. I see all the stories around, everything is so full of details and meaning.

When I found Stil In Berlin I was very happy, cos now I didn't have to take a break in order to experience the street. They brought the street to my screen. This blog focuses on the street style in Berlin, which is probably the greatest city I have seen.

Another great feature is that it's a bi-lingual blog (German with English translation). So practicing the German language (or the English) is also possible here.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Story of a Love Affair: FIFI

Think of a language that contains only good words. Think of everything that is love, good intentions, blue skies with fluffy clouds. Think of bunnies. Think of Cloths. Now go to FIFI, and feel how this world would be.

I discovered FIFI through Etsy, an online ring of crafty people. I found many talented fantastic people there, but FIFI became my favorite. Maybe because she's so comfortable, and even when she changes her cloths she always stays Fifi. But maybe it's only because we share the same taste in cloths. Hope I could afford some of the things she wears, though!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The naked blog: Nudecleaner

I think that was the first blog I ever read. It was part of a research I did for a script I wrote, and I came across Daniel, a nude cleaner with a blog.
This is a blog that certeainly made me come back, begging for more. Daniel writes beautifully, and even when his English is broken (smashed even), his stories are interesting to read. This blog is really a "piece of life" blog, and for someone who always enjoys a good story, and even more a good story teller, this blog is an adventure.

Monday, August 6, 2007

More than music: Gorilla vs. Bear

I love music, and sometimes it seems that the more music we have out there, sometimes it's very hard to find it. I loved Pandora, because it opened my ears to new tunes, but since I live outside the US, I cannot enjoy it anymore. Of course there are substitutes, but none of them is as good as the original box.

Music blogs are cool. They look good and they bring music. There are many music blogs I love, but this one is an absolute favorite: Gorilla vs. Bear.
Not only it brings unfamiliar voices to our ears, but also it is written so easy, it's actually a pleasure to read. I also love their links ("These sites are so hot right now") - really cream of the cream.

I'm proud to announce Gorilla vs. Bear an A-Class Blog!
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