Friday, December 21, 2007

Being crafty: Whip Up

All those crafty people. It seems like they have 24 hours a day just to make and look at beautiful things. Here's one that show us other crafty things she finds online (besides making some herself): Whip Up contains so much beauty, I could spend hours just by following the great crafty links it provides. Cool calendars, hats, name it. Absolutely best.

Tasty blog: For the Love of baking

Here's a blog for people with good sized kitchen, and a well equipped one, as well. Baking is something I never do, but always wished I would. The smells, the ingredients, the results! Well, I normally just go to the patisserie, but here's a very good blog for your eyes and stomachs.

Life is soft: Neither Hip Nor Funky

Remember I told you about 42 Roards? Yes, that family/craft blog I loved so much, and which made me want to buy a sewing machine. Well, my excitement is again over the edge, after I found this great soft blog: neither hip nor funky is a wool blog, so sweet you want to be a kitten. Great articles, great pictures, and very cute hats!!! I think it's the best knitting blog I've seen on the crafty blogosphere so far. I love it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Through the eyes of a foreigner: Shin Huey @ Finland

Shin is a 21 years asian, and she's now in Finland. I haven't figured out where is she from in Asia or what is she doing in Finland, cos her blog is written in one of those beautiful Asian languages, which I keep telling myself to learn. When I was a foreigner, once in Berlin and after that in England, I enjoyed the state of a foreigner. Being different, looking different, seeing different. It's liberating in many ways. I love Shin's blog because it reminds me of my own experiences.

My life as a black&white dog: Två mattar och en jävla massa prickar

I can't read a word this swedish dog writes, but I love looking at the pictures and get the feeling of being him. Running wild in Sweden, with friends and family. Lena, his human mother, posts nice pictures of him and he seems usually cheerful. Cool, I love animal blogs!
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