Friday, April 23, 2010

Vienna for Beginners

Merisi's Vienna for Beginners won some awards for being an a-class blog, and if you're looking for a very different city guide (to Vienna, daa), this is a very nice trwasure blog. It's filled with pictures and short poem-like texts by Merisi, from Vienna and around it, and I can say for certain that the city is nicer in this blog than in reality (and it is indeed nice in reality). Lots of the Viennese Melange cafe, small streets, people, and any other aspect of everydau Vienna comfort life.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fantastic Toys Blog

Indeed fantastic, some sophisticated-yet-cute self made paper toys, tons of them, on this great blog. Do it yourself (not so easy) or simply buy them for low prices. I simply enjoyed scrolling through the pages and imagine how i would make lovely soft things, once i have the time. Sometimes looking is almost as good.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Toy a Day

As toys bought in chain stores get as expensive just as they get ugly, this blog present us with an alternative. Paper toys are cool, for kids and adults alike, and most of all, they are very cheap. Plus, you get the joy of making. So many good things in one blog, wouldn't you give it a shot?
bored at the office, kid's bored? No problem, go to the toy-a-day blog, print out today's paper toy, fold, glue it together - and you just earned yourself a new toy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gemma Booth

She's a photographer and a filmmaker that deals with fashion, beauty, and whatever falls in between (well, not much). On her blog she shows some of the works she's made as well as some works by others.
I think she's from Berlin, but the blog is written in English. But in any case, the words are not the main thing here.

We Find Wildness

Great blog that collects beautiful things on the way. Other cool blogs, designers, artists, fashion. A fantastic start point for all things pretty on the wild wild web.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trend de la Creme

Stylish trends and cute weird stuff (kawaii heaven) is found on this fantastic blog. I loved everything they posted, and could read it until its very begining, but I must leave some time to tell others about the things I find there as well! For trend lovers, for bored girls, for gift hunters.

Karen Cheng's Snippets of Life

A real blog, of personal ramblings. Those are my favorite, those blogs that truly let you in someone's life, like a friend. Karen Cheng lives in Australia, and she shares her thoughts about parenting, fashion, art, and other stuff life brings on its way. Cool.

Girl's Guide To The World

It's not really a blog, but it has the style of a personal writing that it feels very much like a blog and not like a travel guide website. I loved the destinations, and despite the name, I'm pretty sure many boys will love it just as well. Go here and start travel!

Sassi Sam

Say you're a girl and you love it. Say your favorite color is pink and you just can't resist another hot gossip. Say you're into fashion, or better - fashion catalogs. Then all you are looking for is in a heaven called SassiSam. The Girlie Gossip Files.


Since I work a lot on the computer, I find my energy level is pretty low sometimes. I get up, have a coffee, strech my body, but sometimes all that won't do it. Then i'd open GossipGirl and refresh myself with some juice useless information about people I never met. Big images, short text. That's how we love our stars.
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