Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Best mother and designer: Lovely Design

A fantastic blog written by a graphic designer+mother, ramblings about motherhood, design tips (she usually works with illustrator and photoshop) and lots of stuff to see that will make you go 'uhhhh'.

The stuff she makes is cute, colorful, and her studio at home looks like something we all would like to live in. She doesn't post too often, but it's always a pleasure to read.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Japan Journal

It's 2001, and one young man is visiting Japan for the first time, for three weeks. He keeps a journal. Seven years later, and many miles away, he decides to republish the journal online. It's well written, interesting, and not too long so you could actually read the entire thing in just an hour or two.

I heart Berlin

berlin is a city of many voices, and this is just one of them. Gayish, happy, somewhere between Krezberg and Prenzlauerberg I guess. I heart Berlin is not exactly a city guide, but more of a blog, and this is why it found its way into the a-class blogs list. It has categories: Art, Parties, People, etc. A good read if you're far away and missing it terribly, or if you're in but feeling out.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mean and Massive: movies and trailers reviewed

Mean and Massive is a blog dedicated to all things screened: tv, cinema, trailers, online videos. Avatar gets the same attention like the shortest, most esoteric vimeo online video. The critics (or better put, personal reviews) here are short, without spoilers, and fun to read. The writer is not a native English speaker it seems, but it makes his (or her) reviews just more interesting. Highly recommended screen blog!

John August: a sceenwriter, a tech-guy, a blogger

The screenwriter of GO (it was a huge success, and his debut script) has a blog with tons of information for screenwriters. He's also a tech-guy and the combination is quite useful (in posts like the one that checks the new i-pad advantages for the screenwriter). The blog of John August is one full with information, and easy to read (a screenwriter writing a blog is almost always a good thing).
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