Friday, August 10, 2007

Where the bears never sleep: Stil in Berlin

Sometimes I find myself in the same position for hours. Usually it's in front of the screen. When I decide to get up and stretch my body, I usually also take a short walk outside. The people always look so alive then, and I regret the long hours I must stay indoors and work. I see all those people, the beautiful, lively people. I see all the stories around, everything is so full of details and meaning.

When I found Stil In Berlin I was very happy, cos now I didn't have to take a break in order to experience the street. They brought the street to my screen. This blog focuses on the street style in Berlin, which is probably the greatest city I have seen.

Another great feature is that it's a bi-lingual blog (German with English translation). So practicing the German language (or the English) is also possible here.

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