Saturday, August 18, 2007

Escape to the next blog: The Private Islands Blog

In the time everybody can tell you scary details about global warming, it's a real ignorance just to think of the next vacation. Especially if it's on an island, in a location that may not even exist some years from now. But then again, that is exactly the reason to go there.

The Private Islands Blog is the pefect summertime blog. If you need a vacation, if you wish to buy an island, or if you simply have too much spare time and you look for nice pictures from islands around the world. This blogger knows its business and he sure knew which business to choose for himself!

Only choose between a house for $5 Million or a vacation for $850 a night. If it's a tough choice for you, you're at the right place!


Private Island Man said...

Blogging about private islands sure is a lot of fun. Global warming is a big issue but its important to keep a positive outlook too. Its sad to think that with rising oceans that some of our islands will be gone soon. I guess we should learn to appreciate the islands we have. I also blog about private islands and currently live on one too. you can visit my blog at all the best,


................................................................... said...

Sure will visit your other blog.
i think you're living my dream..:)

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