Wednesday, November 21, 2007

check what your gens can produce: dna

It arrived, that moment I feared from my entire life (or at least, the last 10 years). I sit with mom on the sofa and she asks me when will I bring her a baby. Babies are cute, I tell her, but I like animals much more. If only I could give birth to a furry cute puppy, or a bunny, I would do that. For sure. but babies. Well, at first they don't have hair and they don't talk. And then they might have too much hair and they won't shut up.

So I keep my boyfriend out of this issue, and in the meantime I surf the blogosphere. But sometimes babies hunt me here as well. And they bring better arguments than my mom. After seeing the pictures on the dna blog, I even showed them to my bf and he said: so cute!

So, what thousands of screaming kids in the real world cannot do, few pictures of adorable baby can. This girl is so cute. Her parents also look really ok. What a nice family, what a fun blog!

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