Saturday, September 29, 2007

Not just another sex blog: PonyXpress

It's great to find sexy blogs that don't make you feel stupid. Blogs that really love sex, and know how to handle it. PonyXpress (what a fantastic title) features interesting sexy images, some fashion some sex and some just art or whatever. It's a perfect blog for roll-down addicts. No clicks needed. Excellent blog!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A blog in disguise: Bearskinrug

Art is necessary. Bearskinrug presents interesting blog design, that looks like a comics magazine, or something. I didn't read one word on this blog, but spent a long time investigating his design. It seems like the blog keeps changing in front of your eyes, like it's alive. With so many creatures around, this might be a very unique experience...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A blog out of the water: Swimming Pools

You should always blog about something you love, that's an important rule to keep. Just to save readers the disappoitment of a dead blog. Swimming Pools is all about those great small heavens, where man and woman feel like fish. Pictures of swimming pools from all around the world, and that's it. So simple, so passionate, so summer! Best blog, wet blog!

Monday, September 10, 2007

A very cool blog: Iceland Eyes

If there is a place I really must visit it's Iceland. The temperatures, the flat landscapes, the smoky volcanoes - not to mention the people that must be very unique. Iceland eyes is a blog from Reykjavik, that is not updated very often (and that's a shame), but gives us a real feeling of the place - the small everyday life of the happy Icelandic people. Best blog for the hot days, just imagine it's a huge geyser you're sitting in, not your sweat.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Getting literal: Chekhov's Mistress

As a kid I used to love reading books. Also later, there's something in books that you cannot experience any other way. The imagination, the paper, the print, the smell. I'm always sorry to find out how little patience this world has those days, and how it's getting harder just to find the piece of mind and read. No emails, no sms, just sit and read.

Instead of feeling guilty I went on a search for some good literature-related blogs, and found a few. Chekhov's Mistress has a great title, so it took me very fast. Also the issues discussed there and the print-like design got me. It's the best blog for me, with subjects such as: "writing in computer isolation". Welcome to my life.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A blog full of candies: Flex, ActionScript and Related Stuff

Another nature loving Flex programmer. I found this blog specially good because of the many download links it has, for relevant documentation.

A blog full of candies

A blogger hooked on Flex: Flash Enabled

I guess Flex programmers suffer from a lack of nature, otherwisei cannot explain why they put landscapes as their blog's theme image. or perhaps they lost faith in design and nature is their escape? One way or the other, here's another A-class blog for Flex programming. Many examples for some common tasks in Flash/Flex. As a beginner I found Flash Enabled to be easy to read and (I hope) helpful.

Another great blog for the Adobe user: Rich Internet Application Mountaineer

Ryan Stewart works for Adobe and his blog delivers interesting news from inside the industry. News, conferences, some echnical issues, presented in light design. Helpful, and interesting If you want to have a broader knowledge of this industry, focusing on Adobe products.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Pixel Sweat: BK Flex

As I'm fighting the long summer vacation, I've decided to do something I always wanted to do: Become a Flash programmer. This of course will not happen over night, but the rich varaiety of web sources is for sure a good place to start.

BK Flex gave me some interesting places to visit and get inspired before I sit and write my own internet application. This blog doesn't udate very often, but for every post you read you can find yourself surfing for days. Short posts with great links. This is how we love our blogs!

A Kid at Heart: Jonah

Jonah (on the right) is a sweet boy who lives the good life. He hangs around with his dad, meet friends and play a lot. His blog (written by dad) is happy and light. Many pictures, short impressions. Nothing's too heavy, Jonah is a free little man, and to those who are tired from adults troubles, Jonah's blog is a great relief.

We will be back shortly: The Adblog

Usually I hate commercials. i used to work in that industry and couldn't stand it even from the inside. but sometimes they can be interesting, brilliant even, and especially when you are searching for them and not when they are after you.

The Adblog delivers us only the cherries, those rare art works that are less common (also depends on you area of living). Rare ads, best blog. Definitely an A Class Blog!

A best travel blog: M in Greece Now!

I remember watching films about army life. The women that followed the men-fighters used to have terrible, lonely life in those army camps. I'm not so sure what's left from this horrible tradition. Reading this Travel in Greece blog of M, I start to feel sorry my boyfriend is not a soldier. His army service took them both to Greece, where the houses are white, the sea is blue, the olives are green, and the donkies are always happy. Where should I sign up?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Nothing at all: Kevin Griffiths

Just saw this blog, fell in love, and decided to share it with you. Kev (it's allright if I call you kev?) gives us such a cool blog, just full of the life of an old teenager (a Brittish guy that is). Friends, skating, travelling, partying, friends. I'd like to find the female parallel to Kevin Griffiths, that should be a real nostalgie. Best life, best blog!

Pokermania: Ace Filled Dreams

Two days ago I played poker at a friend's house. Few months ago I used to do it once a week, but then I took a break (after losing constantly). I was very happy to be back in the game, and I even won (and it wasn't because I had the aces, I even won with 2;4 once).

Anyway, as a part of my poker come back, I also look for some poker blogs. Of course there are tons of those, most intended to make money by send the addicts to the wrong places. Ace Filled Dreams is different. It's a quiet poker blog, gentle, still remembers the life that exist before and after the game. It's a personal poker blog, which I find to be worth the A Class Blog link here.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

We cook: Salt and Pepper

They eat roses too. I love those people who can cook. And I adore those who can cook, take pictures, and blog it. Salt and Pepper is a pleasure to look at, read, and perhaps one day I'll even have the patience to try and make one of its wonderful recipes.

Art inside: Pilipinas Street Plan

Art comes in many formes, and many times the best galleries are out on the s treets. Right under our nose, if we open our eyes, we can discover many beautiful things. Pilipinas Street Plan is a blog that help us discover some of those hidden candies. It's updated frequently and brings many colorfull arty corners from the street to your screen. Cooooool!
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