Monday, August 6, 2007

More than music: Gorilla vs. Bear

I love music, and sometimes it seems that the more music we have out there, sometimes it's very hard to find it. I loved Pandora, because it opened my ears to new tunes, but since I live outside the US, I cannot enjoy it anymore. Of course there are substitutes, but none of them is as good as the original box.

Music blogs are cool. They look good and they bring music. There are many music blogs I love, but this one is an absolute favorite: Gorilla vs. Bear.
Not only it brings unfamiliar voices to our ears, but also it is written so easy, it's actually a pleasure to read. I also love their links ("These sites are so hot right now") - really cream of the cream.

I'm proud to announce Gorilla vs. Bear an A-Class Blog!

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